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Manning Up by BDazzle

There’s a Giant difference between these two brothers-et-arms… and there’s no question who’s going to be Manning the next football dynatsty —  the numbers don’t lie, they Eli.\

Experts say Giants QB Eli Manning surpasses brother Peyton

Wednesday, October 8th 2008, 12:12 AM 
It looks like younger brother Eli Manning may have taken the reins from brother Peyton as best quarterback in the family.

Eight months ago, Eli Manning was the Super Bowl MVP. Now he’s the MVM.

In the battle for supremacy in the First Family of the NFL, young Eli has – at least temporarily – overtaken his older brother as the best Manning in football. Four games into the season, Eli leads Peyton in every significant, quarterback-measuring category. And one quarter of the way through his fifth NFL season, the kid once dubbed Eli the Terrible is suddenly rated the fifth-best quarterback in the league.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” said Marshall Faulk, the former Rams running back and now an NFL Network analyst. “I’ve listened to Peyton talk about his little brother and Peyton says that this kid is something special. You’ve got to believe Peyton Manning knows something about quarterbacks and he’s not just saying it because it’s his little brother.”

It is true that Peyton has been touting the merits of Eli ever since his kid brother was in high school, but it’s only recently that Peyton has truly had to look up at him. Peyton, of course, was watching from a luxury box when Eli won Super Bowl XLII last February, and became the second straight Manning to win the MVP. And now, Peyton is the leader of the 2-2 Indianapolis Colts, while Eli is 4-0 and leading arguably the best team in the league.

Not only that, Peyton – an eight-time Pro Bowler on the fast track to the Hall of Fame – has slipped to 20th in the quarterback rankings. His passer rating of 79.2 not only puts him way behind Eli (99.7), but also behind signal-callers such as Chicago’s Kyle Orton (87.6), Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell (84.9), and San Francisco’s J.T. O’Sullivan (82.2).

“It’s very early and I would never count Peyton out,” said one NFC scout. “But at the moment, it looks like Eli is set up to have the better year.”


Turner and the Cool Kids’ Table by BDazzle

That slighly-tubby pal that didn’t deserve to sit with the cool kids just flipped the tables on y’all — ‘lil Burner had style for miles, and his only mistake, apparently, was saddling up in San Diego..

Atlanta Falcons Runner Michael Turner Makes a Charger Fan Proud.

… Turner is doing everything that I thought he would.  There is NO pure runner in the NFL better than Michael Turner and that includes Adrian Peterson and LaDainian Tomlinson.  That is simply because even Brandon Jacobs can’t break tackles like the Burner.  On top of that, once Turner gets going there are few players in the NFL that can catch him.

When it comes to breaking tackles, Turner may prove to be an all-time great.  I know my statements may be a little way out, but I am certain that the Falcons made the smart choice when signing Turner.

I’m also certain that there hasn’t been a football player that I’ve ever seen capable of breaking tackles like Turner.  Don’t even bring up Jim Brown because he played against players that are equivalent to today’s Division I-AA (or whatever it’s called now) football players.

Now Turner is not the magic man, if there is no blocking he’s not going anywhere.  However, he is going to embarrass a few teams this year and I’ll be watching every game.  That is, unless the Chargers are playing at the same time.

Now do NOT misunderstand me Charger fans, LaDainian Tomlinson is a much better overall player because he is a threat in the passing game, while being able to run both inside and outside.  However, even LT will readily admit he cannot run the ball like Michael Turner.