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Looks like Mr. G is letting Mr. V out of the dog house. Will he be kept on a short leash or will he live a dog’s life? by kennythunder

Vicks reaction to employees at Petsmart saying they will put his application on file, but are fully staffed.
Vick’s reaction to employees at Petsmart saying they will “put his application on file, but are fully staffed.”

Well, congratulations Michael Vick. You have been reinstated back to the National Football League. Your margin for error is paper cut thin, but you did it! So tell your old friends that you can no longer come out to play, and send your undercover water bottles of weed with them. I can see NASA and the NFL merge together to make a satellite to watch over you. (It’s possible Google will help with the street view.) Scared yet? No? I am pretty certain that if you step foot into a mall that happens to have a pet store, you will be banned forever. Sherriff Goodell makes Japanese discipline look like a Tuesday afternoon in Amsterdam.

Leading up to and after Vick being reinstated, I have heard many people say that he paid his debt to society. Almost two years in prison. Whether he really has paid his debt, or truly changed is a matter of opinion and time. The part that I don’t understand is supporters saying that he deserves a second chance to play in the NFL. That’s funny, I don’t remember that being a right. You constantly hear athletes talk about football being a business first. Okay, fair enough. A business that puts athletes in a tax income bracket to the point where they are forced to vote Republican doesn’t just let anyone back. Let’s pretend Conrad Black was just released from prison. Can you imagine if he went back to Hollinger International or any other big news publishing company and asked for his old job? They would laugh him out of the room, and when they were done laughing they would beat him with novelty sized jumbo billy clubs.

With that said, I don’t believe he should be let back into the league. Saying you made a mistake doesn’t even cover what had happened. When I make a mistake, it’s something like, “Whoops I left my keys in my car” or “I forgot I made plans with Julie on Tuesday.” The guy bankrolled an operation where dogs fought to the death and then were maliciously killed. If that wasn’t enough, he killed dogs himself to get in on the action. Call him the Mark Cuban of dog fighting. I understand that humans make mistakes. I just think his heinous actions fall under something far worse. There is a deep rooted problem in somebody that has no compassion for a living thing. Also, don’t give me that its a cultural thing. If it were a cultural thing, it would be legal. You live in the USA. Don’t compare it to hunting either. Last time I checked, hunters killed for food and environmental reasons such as starvation. Overall, a greater purpose. (Yes, there are hunters that kill for sport. I’m also out of touch with those people too.)

Let’s say that he doesn’t get reinstated. There would be one less quarterback that runs every play because he can’t hit a moving target. Don’t pretend like you don’t know people! Vick was the Chuck Knoblauch of quarterbacks. People acted as if he was Houdini until it came to a tough defense. I’m going to come out and say that I am rooting for him to fail. As a sports fan, I hold grudges. But this is not a sports grudge, this is a human grudge. (Band name noted!) Whether he is awful on the field or a speeding ticket off it, I don’t want Michael Vick in the league. Whatever happened to that ten dollar an hour construction job that he had lined up? It sounds more suitable for a guy that is begging for a second chance and seeking structure in his life.

by Kenny Bernat

Arrowheads are Obsolete by Matthew Dangerfox

Kansas City isn’t known for its nightlife, but excitement can be found if you know where to look. However, not all of the action is begging to be explored. When LJ gets dissed, there’re more than words that come out of that mouth. Although the lady in question may have wanted another drink, she probably would have preferred it in a glass. If this running back gets removed, will the Chiefs be able to turn their tepees into TD’s?

Chiefs’ Johnson under investigation for latest incident involving a woman news services

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is being investigated for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman’s face at a nightclub, the fourth time in five years he’s been accused of assaulting a woman.

Kansas City police are looking into a report of nonaggravated assault against Johnson for telling a woman that he was going to kill her boyfriend then spitting in her face at Club Blonde on Oct. 10.

The case has been assigned to a detective and will be investigated as resources allow, police spokesman Capt. Rich Lockhart said. Johnson has not been charged.

Ashley Stewart, 24, told police she had left the nightclub in Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza district but re-entered around 1:45 a.m. to find a friend. Johnson, who had tried to buy her a drink at the same club a week earlier, asked the friend to have Stewart come over, according to the police report.

Johnson got close to Stewart while swinging his arms belligerently, then said, “All I wanted [to] tell you is I’m going to kill your boyfriend,” the report said.

Johnson kept talking to Stewart and spit the drink in her face after she backed away, the report said.

Stewart told police that Johnson’s bodyguards then tackled her and that bouncers from the club escorted her outside. Johnson tried to spit on her three more times while walking to his car after the club manager asked him to leave, the report said.

Johnson already faces a Dec. 3 court date on a charge of simple assault for shoving the side of a woman’s face at a club in February. He faces a maximum jail term of six months and a $500 fine on the charge filed last month.

The Chiefs deactivated Johnson for Sunday’s game against Tennessee for violating unspecified team rules. A team spokesman said the benching was unrelated to the current investigation, and coach Herm Edwards said Monday that Johnson is expected to play this week against the New York Jets.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined comment, saying the league had nothing to add to a statement issued by Chiefs general manager Carl Peterson on Sunday.

Sources told ESPN’s Michael Smith that the pattern of behavior will lead to a possible suspension for Johnson under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

“It’s just a matter of for how long,” one source told Smith.

A source close the situation told’s Bill Williamson that Johnson has not had any meetings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell or has been told of a pending punishment. The source doesn’t necessarily believe Johnson is in the clear, but he simply has not been told of any news yet.

The Chiefs acknowledged Johnson’s latest troubles in a statement Sunday.

“We are aware of the most recent incident involving Larry Johnson and we are very disappointed with his involvement,” team president Carl Peterson said. “We will cooperate fully with the Kansas City authorities who are investigating the matter. We have also made the NFL office in New York aware of the incident and officials there are conducting their own independent investigation.

“Based upon the NFL Player Conduct Policy, we will have no further comment.”

Johnson’s troubles are nothing new.

He was charged in 2003 with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery for waving a gun during an argument with a former girlfriend at his home. The charges were dropped when Johnson agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program.

Johnson also had charges against him dropped in 2005 after a woman who accused him of pushing her to the ground at a Kansas City bar failed to appear in three court hearings.

Johnson has rushed for 417 yards and three touchdowns for the Chiefs, who lost to Tennessee to fall to 1-5. In August 2007, the club signed its 2003 first-round draft pick to a six-year, $45 million extension that included $19 million in guarantees.

Goodell to Pacman: Game Over, Cowboy by Matthew Dangerfox

While the owner of this posse may try to lower his hat and turn a blind eye, it seems someone from out of town has had enough of one outlaw. Looks like a night at the saloon turned into a quick-draw, resulting in this renegade’s forced vacation. Now we can only wonder, with Pacman gone, will things remain OK in this corral?

NFL suspends Pacman Jones indefinitely

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) – Not even the extra effort of the Dallas Cowboys could keep Adam “Pacman” Jones from getting into trouble again.

Marvez on Pacman Video: It was clear to Alex Marvez back in July that Pacman Jones hadn’t changed a bit. So why wasn’t it clear to the Cowboys? Watch video Without some significant off-field changes this time, the troubled cornerback may not get another chance to play in the NFL. Jones was suspended for at least four games Tuesday for again violating the league personal conduct policy.

“He knows that when he was reinstated over the summer, I didn’t feel that he had room for any further errors,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. “What happened last week was significant enough for me to take action. There are no free passes. It’s up to him at this point.”

Goodell will determine the full length of the suspension after the Cowboys play Nov. 16 at Washington. The commissioner said a lifetime ban remained a possibility.

Only six weeks after being reinstated from a 17-month suspension and missing the entire 2007 season for the Tennessee Titans because of repeated legal troubles, Jones was involved in an alcohol-related scuffle Oct. 7 with one of his bodyguards at a private party in Dallas.